Account Username and Password

Q: What is my Card Town username/customer account number?
It's a unique email address & password.

Q: Can I have more than one Card Town account?
Yes, but you need to register with a unique e-mail address and password.

Q: How many characters does my password have to be?
Between 8-24 Characters.

Q: How much time will it take for my password to arrive once it has been sent from Card Town?
Within a few minutes at most; please check your Spam folder in case it has ended up in there.

Q: I have forgotten my password and want a new one. What do I do?
Click on Forgot password? in the Login/register section of my account and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an email with a link that will enable you create a new password which we would recommend you write down and keep somewhere safe.

Q: Will I get an automatic warning if the E-Mail address I would like to register has already been registered?
Yes, if the email has already been registered - Card Town recognises users by their email address only.

Q: Is my Card Town password encrypted?
Yes and Card Town do not have access to it!


Amending or Cancelling An Order

Q: If I ordered a card and want to cancel it can I do so?
A: Yes, as long as the card has not been sent to production and despatched.

Q: What do I need to do if I wish to  cancel an order?

A: If it has been despatched it is too late, otherwise e-mail with your reason for wanting to make a cancellation and we will see what we can do.


Card Messages and Preview

Q: Where can I preview my card(s) after I've ordered them?
A: In My Account under Previous Orders.

Q: What happens if the details on the card are not as I requested?
A: (i) if the card is still in the shopping cart you can edit it, (ii) if you log into your account and select an order you have already placed you can view the card you created.  If whatever reason you have created the wrong message or uploaded the wrong photograph we'll do our best to cancel it for you, however if it's already in production there is nothing we can do.  You will then have the option of creating a new card.

Q: Are Card Town directly responsible for what I write and what pictures I upload to the card?
A: No, users are directly responsible for how they personalise a card and they cannot purchase any items from the site unless they agree to the Terms & Conditions which explicity set out the users obligations when using the website, creating and ordering personalised products.

Q: Can I add a personal message to all of the Card Town cards?
A: Yes! It is possible to add a personal message to all of the Card Town cards.

Q: Do all of the Card Town cards have verses?
A: Not all of them. You have the option to include personalised text on all of them though and most verses are either partly or wholly editable.

Credit & Debit Card

Q: Are all of my credit card details encrypted?
A: Yes. All payments to Card Town are processed via a secure server. All details are encrypted by our payment provider Barclaycard.

Q: Can I get a refund onto any credit/debit card?
A: No. You can only get a refund on the credit/debit card that you used to make the initial purchase.

Q: Does Card Town have access to my credit card details?
A: No they are not held on any of our servers.

Q: If I receive a session time-out while ordering. What should I do?
A: Re-fresh the page and log-in again. A time-out error should be rare but it does happen!

Q: What do I do when my card is not authorised by my credit card company/bank?
A: Try back in a couple of hours as it will probably have been unlocked, otherwise contact your credit card provider.

Q: Will my order need to be verified by my credit card company?
A: Yes it has to verified by your credit card provider before your order can be completed.

Q: Will Card Town reimburse the price paid for the defective product to the credit or debit card used to purchase the goods?
A: Yes at their discretion, please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Customer Service

Q: What are your customer service hours?
A: Monday to Friday only: 0900 to 1700 GMT (excluding Public Holidays)
Q: How much time will Card Town take to respond to customer queries?
A: Telephone response times will this depend on the volume of calls waiting. Same working day for e-mails.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem I need to notify you of outside of Customer Service hours?
A: Use the customer contact email form or leave a voicemail message, we will reply the next working day or earlier if we are able.

Q: Where can I leave customer service feedback?
A: You can always send us an email at or via the customer contact e-mail form CONTACT US

Q: Is there an online form that I can use to E-Mail my comments and questions to Card Town
A: Yes there is a customer contact sheet - see footer menu on website and click on CONTACT US

Q: I need to speak to a customer support person!
A: Call 0845 605 3950

Q: Can I speak with the owners of Card Town?
A: Yes, please email us with your question in the first instance.

Customer Personal Details

Q: Does Card Town give out the personal details of the person (s) who sent the card?
A: No, unless requested by a legal body e.g an English Law Court.

Q: What details does Card Town hold on me?
A: All we store & know about the customer is their email address (not password), credit card billing address (if they've ordered or used prepay), previous orders & their saved images, addresses, calendar reminders & prepay amount.

Reminder Service

Q: How many reminders can I store?
A: There is no limit on the number of reminders you can store.

Q: Can I place a reminder for any calendar date?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you remind me that a date I selected is due?
A: You receive an automatic email on the day you selected the reminder for the upcoming reminder event, sent to the email address you stated in My Account.

Q: Can I cancel/change a reminder?
A: Yes, go to My Account/Date Reminder, select the date in question and edit/delete as appropriate.


Q: Will I get a refund equal to the value of any e-voucher when I request a refund for a returned item?
A: No. Any approved refund will be less the value of the e-voucher associated with the order.
NB -  Discounts cannot be added together: if you choose to earn a volume discount you then can't use PrePay as well.  The same goes for e-vouchers.



Q: Can an E-Voucher be exchanged for cash or used to credit my total account balance?
A: E- vouchers can only be used to purchase a single item within a single order.

Q: Will I get a refund equal to the value of any e-voucher when I request a refund for a returned item?
A: No. Any approved refund will be less the value of the e-voucher associated with the order.


Product Search

Q: Is it possible for me to conduct a product keyword search for my personalised cards from the Card Town home page?    
A: Yes. You need to type your search keywords into the search bar in the top right hand corner of the Card Town website homepage.

Q: What is the fastest way for me to search for a card when upon the Card Town homepage?
A: You can click upon any one of the home page range icons and choose View All, or the top of page menu tabs, or use the category tree (left hand page margin) for a more detailed search.

How the cards are made

Q: How are the cards printed?
A: Using state of the art commercial Digital presses.

Q: What are the dimensions of your greeting cards (when folded)?
A: Small: 100 x 140mm. Standard: 127 x 178mm. Large: 200 x 280mm

Q: What type of card material do you use to print?
A: We use high quality industry standard greeting card board.

Q: What type of envelopes do send the cards in?
A: A normal envelope for standard sized cards and a stiff backed one for large sized cards.

Order Placement Questions

Q: I have an order placement problem and I can't contact you as it’s outside of your stated Customer Service hours?
A: Send us an email with your query using the customer contact e-mail form, or leave a voicemail message, or contact us the next working day. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday only: 0830 to 1700 GMT (excluding Public Holidays)

Q: Do you allow card orders to be placed later compared to other online providers?
A: Yes. We allow you to order cards anytime up until 1400 GMT Monday to Friday for next day delivery excluding public holidays.

Q: What do I need to do if I wish to  cancel an order?
A: If it has been posted it is too late, otherwise e-mail with your reason for wanting to make a cancellation and we will see what we can do!
Q: How do I check the status of my order?
A: Go to My Account and select Previous Orders history; the status of the order will be displayed.

Payment Types

Q: Do I have the option to pay cash?
A: No.

Q: What credit/debit cards do you accept?
A: Mastercard, Solo, Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, Switch, Maestro, Delta, Connect, Electron.

Product Ideas

Q: I think I've got some great ideas for products - what can I do?
A: Card Town would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or designs for new greeting cards or other products that you think might look good and work on our website. 

Maybe you’ve already created a range of greeting cards or other products that you would like to license to us? 

Contact Us at:


Please ensure you send any artwork in JPG, TIFF or PDF file format – please try to limit the size of your file attachments to 5mb or less.

2.   By Post:   Please send a stamped addressed envelope so we can return your artwork or any other materials you send us.  It might be best if you send us copies of your artwork etc just in case they’re lost in transit.

Card Town (trading name of CEWE COLOR Ltd)
Unit 4 Titan Business Centre,
Spartan Close,
CV34 6RR


Postage - General

Q: Can I have a card posted back to me?
A: Yes we send the card to your chosen address with an extra blank envelope.

Q: Is the postage more expensive to have a card sent back to me as opposed to my chosen recipient?
A: No.

Q: Will the Card Town website calculate the postage and packing cost automatically for me?
A: Yes, this is done at Check-out.
Q: What does the postage and packaging cost quoted in the shopping cart cover?
A: The postage and packaging cost quoted in the shopping cart covers the cost of 1st class postage (or Special Delivery only in the uk), envelope(s) order handling & packing.

Postage - UK        

Q: Can I request a card to be sent to a friends/relative/neighbours address to be signed for?
A: Yes - only by using Special Delivery - and only in the UK.

Q: Does the post office guarantee delivery on a Saturday?
A: No, they don't guarantee 1st class post will be delivered next day - Special Delivery improves the chance of post being delivered the next day, including Saturday.
Q: How much of the UK does the Royal Mail service cover?
A: All UK.

Q: How would I check the postage costs for a certain product?
A: When you have personalised your card and proceeded to the check-out the postage and packing cost will be shown in the shopping basket.

Q: What happens if I think that a Special Delivery I have requested has not been delivered?
A: It is usually returned to the Post Office for collection or redelivered at a later date.

Postage - Abroad

Q: Are there any restrictions on sending greeting cards to foreign countries?
A: There shouldn't be, however every country has its own list of prohibited and restricted items that cannot be sent in the post to that country (greeting cards should not be an issue). Before sending you can check with on Royal Mail's website at or contact Royal Mail's customer services on 08457 740 740.

Q: Can the Post Office track and then confirm deliveries to international addresses?
A: Our airmail rates don't include this service.

Q: Do you post to countries outside of the UK?
A: Yes we post Worldwide using Airmail.

Q: Does Card Town qualify for free post to the Armed Services in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere?
A: No.

Q: Does Face-it provide Airmail stickers and labels for international postage?
A: Yes.

Q: How much does Airmail cost?
A: For a single card item: (i) Europe: standard card (£1.80), large card (£2.20), & (ii) Rest of the World: standard card (£3.10), large card (£3.90)
Q: How much time does it take to deliver orders to Europe?
A: At least 4-5 days (see country listing on drop down menu in Delivery Details page for which countries qualify as Europe).

Q: How much time does it take to ship orders to Rest of The World?
A: At least 7 days (see country listing on drop down menu in Delivery Details page for which countries qualify as Rest of the World).

Q: Can I get compensation for cards lost or damaged abroad?
A: No.

Q: Will I or the recipient be charged customs & excise duties?
A: Shipments to the EU include VAT but are exempt of duty for the Rest of the World (a custom declaration sticker showing the value of the card is printed on the envelope).

Q: Is there a limit to the number of cards that I can send to somebody overseas?
A: No Limit, however you can only order up to 1000 of a single design that can be sent to one address.

Q: Is there an additional charge for having a card returned to me before I send or deliver to the intended recipient?
A: No, and it will come back with an extra blank envelope.

Postage - BFPO        

Q: Can I send an item to a BFPO address that's not addressed to an individual?
A: No, items must be addressed to named individuals.

Q: Can I use the BFPO Sorting Office address to send BFPO mail to serving forces?
A: Do not use the BFPO headquarters address for onward transmission to the recipient. Royal Mail sortation software will recognise a BFPO address and automatically direct the item to the BFPO sorting office.
Q: Do I include the country when writing out an address on a BFPO letter?
A: Please follow the guideline instructions under the country drop down menu on the Delivery Details page for how to address BFPO mail.  If you don't choose BFPO from the country down menu and choose the actual country instead then your mail will not be posted via BFPO but via that country's normal mail system and may take longer to arrive, or may even be lost.

Q: How much time will it take to deliver to BFPO addresses outside of the UK?
A: Up to 5 days.

Q: How do I address to Service Personnel based in the UK?
A: You should use the Barracks Address.

Q: How much does it cost to send letters to BFPO addresses?
A: The same as 1st class post.
Q: Can I get compensation for loss or damage mail?
A: No, not unless it's a manufacturing fault.


Q: Can I get a prepayment refund?
A: Yes. Within ten days of making PrePayment.

Q: How do I Add Prepay Credit?
A: Select from home page icon or go to My Account then click on PrePay. When you are in the check-out area you can add Prepay and come back to to the check-out.  The minimum amount of Prepay is £10.00.
Q: How much free credit do I receive when I use PrePay?
A: 25% of the prepayment.

Q: How much time does unused Prepay credit stay on my account?
A: 26 Months from the date of the last order placed.

Q: What is the minimum payment I can make to my PrePay Account?
A: £10.00.

Q: What is the maximum credit that I can put onto my PrePay Account?
A: £200 at a time.

Q: Will I have the option to PayCash?
A: No. Card Town accept Credit/Debit cards only.

Q: Where can I find terms of use for prepay?
A: See the link in the Prepay section of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Product Price & VAT

Q: How do I find out the prices of the Card Town Cards?
A: They are shown underneath each card when you select one to personalise (we show standard and large card prices). They are also shown on the Delivery Details page and in the shopping cart.

Q: Are all of the product prices on the Card Town website inclusive of VAT?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I have an invoice showing the actual VAT cost?
A: No, but the VAT number will be shown on the receipt that you can print off.

Product Returns

Q: Where and how do I return defective products to?
A: You need to send them to the following address (postage paid) with a copy of the email that confirmed your order which contains the order reference number:

Card Town (Trading name of CEWE COLOR Ltd), Unit 4 Titan Business Centre, Spartan Close, Warwickshire, CV34 6RR

Q: How many days do I have to return defective products?
A: Within 7 Days of receipt of the order.

Q: Who decides whether to compensate me for products which you feel are defective?
A: Card Town

Q: Will Card Town credit or reimburse the price paid for the defective product to the credit or debit card used to purchase the goods?
A: Normally we will credit your account with the cost of your purchase plus the cost of 2nd class post to return it as applies to a standard letter.
Q: Will Card Town supply a replacement product free of charge?
A: Yes, if it is clear that it is a manufacturing fault.


Q: Do you ever suspend or cancel a user account?
A: Yes, if you violate our TERMS AND CONDITiONS

Q: Does Card Town give out the personal details of the person(s) who sent the card?
A: No. Not unless requested by a legal body e.g English Law Court.

Q: Will I have to answer a few personal questions to get obtain account information over the telephone?
A: Yes. We will need to undertake a basic security check to verify your true indentity and help prevent false identity theft.

Shopping Basket Cart

Q: When is my order placed?
Your order is placed when you check out and complete the payment transaction.





Q: What happens if I realise that the details on the personalised card are not correct and I'm in the check-out area but have not yet placed the order?
You can select the card in the check-out area and re-edit it before checking out.



Q: What happens if I realise that the details on the personalised card are not correct and have placed the order?
A: Please check in your account (Previous Orders) if the order is pending or has been shipped. If it has not been shipped we may be able to cancel it for you but cannot guarantee so.
Q: If I have ordered several cards at the same time and want to cancel one of them, can I do so?
A: Yes, as long as the card has not been sent to production or despatched.

Q: How do I preview my item once I'm in the check-out area?
A: Click on the edit button.

Q: How do I take advantage of promotional codes?
A: A box will appear on the check-out where you enter the promotional code.

Q: Can I check out in the shopping cart?
A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find out about volume discounts?
A: We offer discounts of up to 40% on volume orders of single cards only.  You can see what the discount is when you select an amount from the volume box in the shopping cart.
Use Prepay to earn 25% credit on the amount paid into Prepay - minimum £10.00/maximum £200.00 (on one visit). Example: place £20.00 on PrePay; we add £5.00 - you now have £25.00 in total.

From time to time we may issue an e-voucher that give customers a discount off selected products.

Sourcing & Uploading Images

Q: Can I upload an image to any of the Card Town cards?
A: Yes. You can upload any JPG photo (up to 5mb in size) to a Photo Upload card and a photograph that conforms to the guidelines for Card Town Cards  which can be found when you upload an image.

Q: Can I upload an image from an online website such as Flickr, Facebook?
A: Yes! When you select photo upload we give you a number of choices where you can select your photograph from: (i) Your Computer, (i) your stored images in My Account/My Images, & (iii) via a direct link to your Facebook or Flickr account.

Q: Can I upload an image directly from my computer?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you guarantee the print quality of an uploaded photo?
A: Not if it's below 500 x 500 pixels.

Q: How do I alter the photo format?
A: Right Click on the image, Click on Edit, Click On File within the application, Click On Save As, Alter File type to JPEG, type in a personal file name and finally press save.

Q: How many dots per inch should I use when scanning an image for photo upload?
A: 300 DPI as this is what Card Town use when printing an image.
Q: I'm having difficulty uploading the image?
A: Please follow the upload instructions, if you are still having difficulty contact us and see if we can resolve your problem.

Q: My uploaded image is not producing good results?
A: Please follow the upload instructions and upload the right sort of image………If your image is still not working then email it to us and we will test it.

Q: What information do I need to send with the e-mailed image?
A: A telephone number where we  can contact you.  The image you want uploaded, the name of the card and the email address you are registered under.

Q: Does the Card Town service allow me to crop my image before uploading to a Photo Upload or Face-It! card?
A: Yes, you can crop images once you have uploaded them.
Q: Can I store images on the Card Town website?
A: Yes. Any image you use to create a card that you then proceed to purchase is automatically saved to you account (My Account/My Images).  You can also store images at your leisure by logging into your account anytime.  There is a limit of 30 images per user account.

Technical Issues

Q: How do I switch on session cookies?
A: Open Internet Explorer Bar, Tools, Internet Options. Click on Privacy Tab then click either the sites or edit button. Type into the website address window. Press Save/OK or Done and exit the Internet Options Window. Close down all open Internet Aplications & Restart your computer before reaccessing the Card Town website.

Q: Will I be able to access the Card Town website using a Apple Mac?
A: Yes.


Q: If I have a bought a card and checked out can I re-use that card with the same images and text to send to someone else?
No, you need to select ‘Continue Shopping’ and choose the card again and personalise.


Q: Whats the longest period of inactivity upon the Card Town website before activating a website session time out?
28 days.


Q: How long does a record of my order stay on your system for?
36 months.


Social Networking and Blogging sites

Q: Can I sign into popular social networking/blog networking sites from the Card Town website?
A: Yes. Users can sign into the most popular blog/social networking sites from within the Card Town website home page.


Web/Internet Browsers

Q: Will your website work with any web browser?
A: It should work with all the popular and currently supported browsers (please note, IE 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft - we recommend you upgrade to their latest browser: To check which version of Internet Explorer you are using open an Internet Explorer page, go to the header menu tool bar and select Help/About Internet Explorer.


Q: I'm using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and I'm having trouble using the website?
A: Many people are still using IE6. IE6 is an old browser which Microsoft now no longer support. Also, it can’t always support leading edge websites like Card Town which have a lot of graphic interfaces and user features, therefore we would advise users to consider upgrading to Microsoft’s latest browser:

or consider installing one of the most popular web browsers, Firefox:


Q: I'm using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and having some issues with the website?
A: If you are running IE8 on Windows XP/XP Pro you may experience some issues e.g. when cropping or uploading images in the photo upload window. Please ensure you turn on compatibility mode, or consider installing one of the most popular web browsers, Firefox:


Terms and Conditions



Q: If I receive a website session time while ordering what should I do?
A: You may have to re-load your browser and the data you have entered (browser dependant).

Q: Can I access the Card Town website from a mobile device?
A: Yes but the device will need to support Flash to view certain areas of the website.

Q: Do I need Adobe Flash Player loaded to access some website functionality?
A: Yes.