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Old age is not a pleasant thing But we have to heed its call Eventually the smell of wee Is sure to plague us all The grey hair and wrinkled chops The glass that holds the denture But so much worse, the awful curse Which is - senile dementia!
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Old Fogies - O.A.P. (Woman with Stick) - Personalised Faceit! Greeting Card

A personalised faceit! greeting card. A personalised faceit! card is the ulitmate personalised greeting card or personalised birthday card
Greeting Card: FG006
Order by 2pm for next day delivery
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  • Standard Card
       (1st Class Delivery 60p) £2.99
  • Large Card
       (FREE 1st Class Delivery) £5.99
  • Small Card
     (pack of 10)  (1st Class Delivery £1)£12.99


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Standard Card

127mm x 178mm – (Approx B5 size when folded)


Large Card

200mm x 280mm – (Approx A4 size when folded)


Small Card

100mm x 140mm – (Approx A6 size when folded)


* Please be aware large cards may be too wide to fit through some letterboxes.

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